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In defiance of the barriers and harassment often faced by the disadvantaged in the real estate market, we stand firm. 

As a black-owned, and woman-owned company, we stand as your ally in the community, dedicated to exceeding your expectations and fostering lasting relationships. We have been a beacon of hope, defying the odds and bridging the wealth gap. 

Choose us to experience a partnership rooted in trust, expertise, and a shared vision for success.

Committed Real Estate Acquisitions in Houston

At 2000 Pounds Real Estate Holdings, we specialize in creating opportunities and providing solutions within the Houston metro real estate market. Our services, deeply rooted in distressed property acquisition, second chance financing, and investment & home purchase loans, are designed with our community's needs ...

A Journey of Empowerment and Community Support

Our mission transcends the boundaries of traditional real estate business practices. As a small, black-owned, and woman-owned enterprise, we embody a vision that is deeply rooted in the empowerment of our community and a commitment to being your ally in achieving real estate goals. Our differentiation lies not ...

Our Vision Defined

We are cultivating a community empowered with the support, information, and resources needed to challenge and overcome unethical practices in the real estate financial industry. Join us in building a foundation of integrity, trust, and mutual respect, ensuring a fairer future for all.

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